Nourish Your Gut

9.30am - 4.30pm


Our cooking classes include hands on participation, a sit down lunch, sampling of organic and biodynamic wines, recipes, educational notes and some take home goodies!


Winter is the ideal time for learning how to make nutrient rich gelatenous stocks, broths and soups that play an important roll in healing the gut. Also known as the “second brain” your gut is a very complex ecosystem, influencing not only your digestion but also your well-being, ‘Nourish Your Gut’ is about attending to your inner garden. Discover the fundamentals behind the concept of “weed, seed and feed” and it’s importance in healing your gut through cleansing, nuturing and nourishing your digestive and immune systems. You will learn how to fight those winter lurgies, with your newfound knowledge around fermenting and elixirs as well as foods that build a robust immune system. Your day will be filled with harvesting produce from our organic garden, preparing and enjoying a delicious sit down lunch, and sampling some organic and biodynamic wines. Our team look forward to a relaxing afternoon of great conversation, as well as answering any questions you may have. Our mission is to have you leave feeling renewed, inspired and filled with new knowledge.


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