Liver Rescue
1 Day Workshop

Minimum 6 ppl $2370 - $3950 Maximum 10 ppl

All classes are based on a group booking with a minimum 6 people and a maximum of 10 people to a class.

To discuss available dates and to book your own private group class please either:
Email :
Phone : +61 413 120 409



Life is too short to live by the limitations of a sluggish or over burdened liver, which can lead to numerous other unexplained symtoms and chronic health conditions. We hold the power of choice to improve our health, through making simple and achievable lifestyle changes.


Definitely for you, if you suffer from the signs and symptoms of a sluggish or over burdened liver. Symptoms such as chronic tiredness, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, chemical or food sensitivities and weight issues which continue to limit your health and vitality.

For you, if you seek intelligent advice and a skilful holistic view to reclaiming your health, wellbeing, inner connection and joy.

For you, if you’re ready to rescue your liver and step into the next level of your wellness journey.

For you, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or confused with how to get your health back on track and feel it all too hard.

For you, if you are ready for change, have the courage to really show up for yourself and a willingness to make new choices and learn to do things differently for a different outcome.

What can I expect on the day?

We will be deep diving into:

  • Real nutrition and how to apply fundamental principles to your everyday life.
  • How to rescue a sluggish or over burdened liver.
  • Specific foods to incorporate into a liver rescue program.
  • Understanding the emotional energy held in your liver as well as other organs, and how to work with this energy to restore balance and harmony to your whole body.
  • How food affect your mood, your relationship to food, as well as understanding your body’s biofeedback and how to hear it, and most importantly how to eat for YOU.
  • As part of the Bhavana experience, lunch will be created by you each day, as a key learning experience to help you implement all that you have been taught, back at home in your kitchen.
  • Q & A with life-changing insights.


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1 Day Workshop”

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