A Farmacy in Your Garden

10.000am - 4.30pm


Our cooking classes include hands on participation, a sit down lunch, sampling of organic and biodynamic wines, recipes, educational notes and some take home goodies!



Gardening is an ancient art that has been practised for thousands of years. Growing a medicinal and culinary garden has benefits beyond just sensory pleasures; it has a functional element too. A garden can provide you with the freshest, most nutritionally dense food money can buy. Its well known that culinary herbs were once relied upon for their medicinal qualities, to create immune boosting elixers and natural remedies. In this garden to plate cooking class, not only will you learn how to maximise the medicinal qualitiies of some of the most common herbs and spices, but also learn how to set up your own fuss free herb garden. Our mission is to have you leaving feeling blissful and filled with new knowledge.


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