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Our cooking classes and workshops are dedicated to providing exceptional experiences and education that enhances your life and wellbeing.

We apply traditional cooking methods to the modern needs of the health-conscious individual and demystify the confusion around “real food” and “food trends”. We empower you to become your own health advocate, whilst still enjoying the full culinary experience.

At Bhavana, we help you understand how to interpret and navigate your own unique nutritional needs to maximise your health and vitality.

Our cooking courses help you address the many food allergies and intolerances that individuals face today and provide clear direction on simple and delicious alternatives.

We create a space for you to retreat to, to shutdown the noise of your busy life, its demands and pressures, allowing you to immerse yourself in experiences that inform, educate, and inspire you to make healthy whole food choices for you and your family.

All of our cooking courses, provide you with the opportunity to forage and gather from our organic gardens and orchards, allowing you to see, smell, feel and taste everything that is cooked. What cannot be harvested from our garden or paddocks is sourced from local Byron producers. Dishes are prepared and cooked as a group and enjoyed over a sit-down lunch with selected biodynamic and organic wines to match.